Posted by: eunice | August 10, 2010

Land of the Little Mermaid

… is one of my favorite disney cartoons ever.  Not everybody knows that it was based from a fairy tale written by a Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.  I was soo looking forward to see it the first time I went to Denmark.  I was not as dissappointed as the others… maybe because I was aware that she is really small 🙂

But hey I do not want to talk about her as she is actually not in Denmark these days.  She is currently in Shanghai as part of the Expo 2010.  Too bad for my friend who visited Denmark for the first time.  It was still not too bad as there are a lot of places to see.  We did a canal tour which gave her the feel of Copenhagen.  The weather cooperated as it was sunny that Saturday…. maybe too sunny for her 🙂

I even had a chance to be a mermaid replacement…. I was able to pose like the little mermaid… and it was fun!  I also considered myself a tourist in Copenhagen.  It was my first real summer! It was nice strolling along Strøget all the way to the City hall…. then passed Tivoli.  There was no time to go in so we just made sure that we have a picture. It was a long walk so we decided to rest along the lake near planetarium…. my favorite area in copenhagen… its nice to watch the birds… ohhh… are they geese or ducks?… not really sure.

Last but not the least we went back to Amalienborg castle… overlooking the Opera house. It was a tiring day but a very nice one.  Copenhagen is actually a nice city to visit – especially with the nice weather 🙂



along the canal tour... Opera House, Maersk among others

my version of the Little Mermaid 🙂

along Strøget

City Hall, Tivoli, Georg Jensen (my fave shop)

Marmorkirken, the Opera House, Amalienborg Castle

August 7-9, 2010; Copenhagen, Denmark


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