Posted by: eunice | July 31, 2010

Frederiksborg Castle…Denmark

I have been in Denmark for a long time now but this is the only time I was able to visit this very nice castle.  This is the second castle I visited in Denmark – the first one was the Kronborg castle in Helsingor.

Getting around in Denmark is not an issue… although at that time the train direct to Hillerod was under construction so we have to figure out another way.  My friend and I tooked the train to Farum and from there, a bus transported us to Hillerod.  From Hillerod, we can either walk or take a bus.  Well, its not really a question since it is still a long walk so we took the bus 701.  And from the Frederiksborg bus stop we saw the castle from afar.

I was actually impressed with this castle.  I guess I have lowered my high expectations since I visited Kronborg castle.  One of my favorite castles I have visited was the Palace of Versailles.  So somehow I am comparing all the palaces with that.  But Frederiksborg castle is impressive in its own way.  You will see a nice fountain at the entrance and a beautiful garden surrounding the palace.  Inside there is a a nice church and a lot of fascinating rooms… I cannot believe that this palace is way from the 1600’s… a recommended place to visit in Denmark.


Inside the palace

Fascinating rooms....

Beautiful garden

with my friend M in the entrance

Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerod, Denmark; July 23, 2010


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