Posted by: eunice | June 26, 2010

Lisbon… the explorer’s city

I still remember those times when I was still studying for the Social studies Philippine History Quiz bee.   Ferdinand Magellan was one of the person to remember.   Although he was known to be a Spanish, he was actually a Portuguese and was the first explorer to lead an expedition around the world.  And what about Vasco de Gama, another Portuguese explorer who discovered the sea route to India.

Enough of the history…. Lisbon also boasts a lot of interesting places to see.  There’s the world heritage architecture of Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem tower.  Its a mix of old and new… my same description of Barcelona.  Although this is the only city I know that is famous for its tiled floor or tiled buildings; the furniculars – a nice way of climbing hills;  the old old trams… How can I forget the famous tram 22 which my guide book recommended to take because of its tourist routes.  I should have read more then I will know that this is a place where there’s a lot pick pocketers.  I was unfortunate to be a victim.  I should have bought a pair of nice shoes instead 😦

Lisbon is also one of the cheap cities to stay in Europe.  We were able to pick a cheap and nice hotel in the center of the pedestrian street in Augusta near the Rossio station where there’s a lot of walking distance spots.  Again, thanks to my nice Lisbon guide book.  As always, its recommended to try the local food – the bacalhau (salted cod fish) and its nice portuguese sardines.

(L) Belem tower with Chen; (R) The Discoveries Monument

Jeronimos tower, some park, near Augusta


Rissio square, Alfama neighborhood

tram22, one of the furnicular, along Augusta shopping street

Vasco de Gama Tower and mall

Lisbon, Portugal; June 18-20, 2010


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