Posted by: eunice | April 25, 2010

Istanbul – Europe’s Hidden Gem

I have not known Istanbul that much but I know that this is place where you can get a very nice kebab 🙂

I was looking for a place to visit this Easter as easter holiday in Denmark is longer compared to other countries.  I was then invited by a new found friend whom I have a common friend with to join them so I did not hesitate.  It was a good decision, Istanbul is one of the interesting places I have visited.  I have visited a lot of Christian countries in Europe and temples when I was in Asia.  This is the first time I have visited a place where there’s a lot of nice mosques.  I was sooo impressed with the nice architecture style.  And do you know that this is the only country where it is located in 2 continents – Asia and Europe? Well, at least this is the first country I know.

Weekend is not enough to explore this very nice city.  It was a good timing that it was scheduled during the easter break where we have a 5-day easter break in Denmark.  I have taken a lot of pictures to capture this captivating city but I dont have that much space and patience so I just picked my favorites 🙂

The Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque

spice bazaar


Sufi and Belly Dancing

Turkish Bath and along Bosphorus (overlooking the Galata tower)

with friends from Denmark

Istanbul, Turkey, April 1-5, 2010


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