Posted by: eunice | March 28, 2010

Birthday…the spanish way

Every year I try to spend my birthday somewhere nice and then go to a special dinner. This year is something different.  My friend and an old colleague from back home is assigned in Belgium so I asked her to pick a place.. and she picked Barcelona, Spain.  I have been to Barcelona 3 years ago.  Barcelona is one of the places in Europe that you don’t mind visiting more than once… just like my favorite city ‘Paris’. 

Spain usually has a nice weather.  This year is again special… just 2 weeks ago Barcelona experienced snow showers. We were lucky that the weather somewhat cooperated that weekend. Friday was not that bad, though it was a bit cold.  Saturday was perfect – blue sky and sunny. 

Food is one of the reasons why you want to visit Spain.  Our hotel recommended a place called ‘Sagardi’ but it was fully packed so we decided to pick another place in the same area – ‘Taller de Tapas’.  They served a very nice selection of tapas – yummy chorizos! And for the paella, we tried ‘Restaurante Salamanca’.  The place was packed but we managed to get a seat.  The food was nice but this is not the place where you can hang out and relax.  It was crazy busy! I hope we were just seating in a bad location near the kitchen.  But I still recommend to visit this place as they served nice paella and other seafood.

Park Guell - one of Gaudi's work, so hard to take a picture in this place, always a lot of people

Revisiting Sagrada Familia with Chen - still not finish, maybe in the next few years

Casa Batlló - another great work of Gaudi

March 19-21, 2010, Barcelona, Spain – linked to my previous Barcelona experience

P.S. – on the day of my birthday, I have planned to have a nice lunch with a friend and a good dinner with another friend.  My dinner date canceled or lets say postponed to another date so I met my lunch date for an early dinner instead.  During the day I wander around copenhagen and bought myself a nice earring from Julie Sandlau as a gift to myself.  Not bad for my 2010 birthday! I am looking forward to next year.


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