Posted by: eunice | November 29, 2009

Norway: Land of the Midnight Sun

When I was at school, this is one of the questions in geography – ‘what country is famous to be called as Land of the Midnight Sun?’.  Norway has been one of the countries I have wanted to visit.  Imagine having a daylight for 24 hours?  That’s amazing.

Well, unfortunately I was not able to experience this part of Norway yet.  I have visited Oslo because I got bored in Denmark.  The weather cooperated a little bit but Sunday was too cold to walk around.  There are a lot of interesting places to visit and most of them are walking distance from the Oslo central station.  The recommended places are: Stortinget (The Parliament), Vigelandsparken (The Vigeland Park – a very recommend place for those who love sculptures), The Royal Palace (I was able to watch the changing of the guard – 13:30 everyday), Oslo City Hall (nothing special but its still ok to visit), Akker Brygge, Oslo Opera and Nobel Peace Center (just in time as the famous Obama will be awarded as the 2009 Nobel Peace prize).

I was able to control myself in shopping because it is a little bit pricy… more than Copenhagen actually.  I cannot believe there is a country more expensive than Denmark 😀

The Angry boy at Vigeland park

Very interesting sculpture

Nobel Peace Center

The Parliament

The Royal Palace

The Oslo Opera

Oslo, Norway November 27-29, 2009



  1. Talaga? I ddn’t know about this 24 hour daylight until I read this post. Curious na tuloy ako. Hope I could visit my friend in Norway and hopefully twill be summer.

  2. Yeah.. I just read it.. Punta na lang tayo sa North Pole.. hahaa! 6 months of sun! Cge lang.. pag matapos ko nang mga dapat tapusin.. hehe.. at tanong kelan? hehe

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