Posted by: eunice | September 22, 2009

One more time in San Francisco

Its been awhile since I’ve seen some of my college friends. It was probably almost 5 years now… thats a looong time considering we are in the same continent…. well, its not a short distance as well.  Its few hours flight compared to flying to Philippines.  While in Denmark I decided to use my 2 weeks holidays back to Canada.  And while in Toronto, I scheduled a long weekend to visit them.  San Francisco was the chosen city because most of them are there. 

It was so nice to catch up with them.  A lot of stories, reminiscing the past and tasting wine.  I have been to San Francisco so I already passed the touristic part.  We visited Napa Valley and it was soo great.

Plus – I had the chance to see my high school friend as well… and its been more than 15 years maybe.

Lime Restaurant with Jean, Arvin, me, Ariel, Arlene

At some bar - cannot remember the name

Castello di Amorosa at Napa Valley

Fresh grapes!!!


Napa Valley!!!

at the Golden Gate Bridge with Cathy from High School

San Francisco, USA Sept 18-21, 2009


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