Posted by: eunice | August 17, 2009

The London experience

If I will move to Europe permanently I will probably pick London.  The main reason is the language… second…I think it’s one of the nice cities to live in.  It is probably expensive but I guess my salary will be proportional I hope.

I have visited London a few times and I can always find a reason to go back.   Two friends from Denmark are celebrating their birthday in June so we decided to plan a get-together.  Since we do not want to do it in Denmark , the four of us decided to have it in London.  Unfortunately it was soo hard to schedule so we were able to only do it on week 33 (August 14-17).

Looking for a cheap hotel is always a challenge in London.  We want to stay in the city so as not to spend a lot of times in the tube (train).  And me trying to save money to be able to shop more, I decided to offer to use my Hilton points instead of paying the expensive hotel.  I shared it with my good friend  and stayed in a centrally located and famous Hilton Waldorf.  I was a diamond member so we were upgraded to an executive room with free access to the lounge… Uhmmm…. nice huh (that’s another savings for breakfast).  I was a bit dissappointed with Waldorf though.. I was expecting more but it was still definitely a nice experience.

It was a relaxing weekend as we do not need to think about going to touristic places.  The plan was to meet the other 2 friends, shopping, shopping, have fun, shopping, enjoyed each other’s company and shopping again.  Somehow we both enjoy shopping so that was good!

Unfortunately nobody remember to take some pictures so I just downloaded some of the places that will make me remember this trip.

This is one of my trips that I will never forget in my life 😉

Hilton Waldorf

Oxford shopping street

Camden Lock Market

Chiquito Mexican Restaurant

London, UK; August 14-17, 2009


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