Posted by: eunice | August 10, 2009

Dublin and a long lost friend…

It’s been awhile since I saw my elementary friend.  Thanks to the internet technology and social networking that I was able to catch up with her.  I was in Netherlands when I decided to meet up with her.  I booked my flight to my 32nd country in my list – Ireland; and visited Verna in Dublin.

I was surprised that English is the spoken language in Ireland.  Well, it is english but the accent is still difficult to understand. My objective in visiting Dublin (aside from adding 1 country in my list – my colleagues and I had this ongoing competition on how many countries we have visited… I am not winning but at least I am getting close) is to catch up with my long lost elementary friend.  There was a lot of catching up + shopping.

Guiness Brewery

Guiness Brewery


with Verna outside the Dublin Castle


St. Patrick's Park

Dublin, Ireland August 8-10, 2009


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