Posted by: eunice | March 18, 2009

2nd try on skiing – Interlaken, Switzerland

I have tried skiing once when we had team building with my colleagues in Switzerland.  That was a very unforgettable experience as I almost died I think 🙂  I thought it is easy to learn how to ski… I was sooo wrong.  I learned it the hard way… I dont even know how to stop and I was already in the blue slope.

This was the second try and I did it because I want to see my old boss and to hang out with my colleagues.  I went to ski school with another colleague.  It was sooo good to start from the basic… body position, stopping, plowing and turning… though I was sooo tired at the end that I was not able to follow the turning part…. I didnt realize that it was the most important part of skiing.

I was planning not to go because I was not confident at all!  However, my colleagues convinced me and I said ‘I can stop anytime anyways’…  Then my agony begins….  putting the skii boots, walking with the heavy skii boots, tumbled the first time (forgot to buckle the ski – soo stupid)… went to the ski lift, slide then fell, glide then fell, turn then fell, glide again and fell again and again……… then I gave up.  I decided to walk instead of ski… my collegue was so nice to offer to carry the ski…

Even walking with the ski boots is a pain… walking down the slope, walking up, slide, crawl…. then I realized I do not have my phone… 😦    I had to go back to check if I was lucky…. but of course I was not… I had to walk again to where I need to meet my colleagues…. Good thing that they were still there waiting… Oh well – I am not sure if I want to try to skii again… but lets see, maybe I will change my mind.  I need a week of ski school though if I really want to pursue this sport.

Nice and awesome view

Nice and awesome view


I had a nice experience though it was painful

I had a nice experience though it was painful


Lars, Eva, me, Anne, Gary and Pierre

Lars, Eva, me, Anne, Gary and Pierre


View from my hotel

View from my hotel

Interlaken, Switzerland; March 13-16, 2009


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