Posted by: eunice | March 7, 2009


I have been in Denmark for sometime now… let me rephrase – I have been assigned to work in Denmark since 2005.  All the while, Malmø – the 4th largest city in Sweden is just there and can be accessed by a train in 45 minutes.  I finally decided to visit due to the following reasons: 1) I need to add Sweden in my list; 2) I need to buy ski outfits for my first ski trip (it is way cheaper to buy it in Sweden compared to Denmark); 3) I just need to use my vacation.

Malmo is pretty much like Copenhagen… The plan was to go to Malmø together with 2 of my collegues.  However one of them canceled.  He said he was sick … Oh well, the weather did not really cooperate; it was raining when we visited the Turning Torso – a fascinating high-rise building consisting of nice twisting cubes.  I have seen a lot of high-rise building but this is something really interesting. 

We spent the rest of day shopping, walking in the shopping street and admire the nice colorful buildings.  I was planning to buy some designer collection for my house but it was closed as it is Monday… sigh… Well, I can buy them in the airport maybe.  At least I bought a fridge magnet for my collection – and a proof that I have been there.

Turning Torso

Turning Torso

Stortorget - shopping street

Shopping street

Designer Collection House

Designer Collection House



Malmo, Sweden – March 2, 2009


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