Posted by: eunice | February 28, 2009

Visiting the Nokia country (Finland)

I have known Finland since the time I was in the Philippines.  The cellphone brand NOKIA is the famous and commonly used back home.  I was even a fanatic and been using it for sometime until I switched recently.

Anyways, there is actually more to Finland than the famous cellphone.  I visited Helsinki for the weekend.  As my 29th country in my list – I was impressed especially with the architecture of the buildings.  I was able to try the local food – reindeer meat; somehow they do not call it venison as I was used to in New Zealand.

The weather did not cooperate as it was too cold – but it was winter so it is ok.

I visited some famous sites like The Cathedral, The Olympia terminal, Central station and the Unesco Heritage ‘Sumuonlinna Fortress’.   Helsinki is actually near Tallin, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia.  If I knew before I book, I should have extended my trip so I can visit these and add more to my list… Tsk tsk… Well, maybe next time.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

The Central Station

The Central Station

Icy water near the port

Icy water near the Olympia terminal

Sumuonlinna Fortress - Unesco Heritage

Sumuonlinna Fortress - Unesco Heritage

Helsinki, Finland – February 20.22, 2009


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