Posted by: eunice | July 11, 2008

Beijing Revisit

 Year 2008 will be the most memorable year for China – its the most awaited event – the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  The whole country is soo busy preparing for the big event. 

It is even hard to get a mulitple entry visa.  We were lucky we are here on a business 🙂 

August will be a very busy month for Beijing to visit.  My friend from the Philippines wanted to go to Beijing so we decided to do it earlier – also to see what preparation is going on.  Looking for a hotel was not that hard – but I can see that the prices in August is 10x as much.

We visited the famous places like The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tian men square, Temple of Heaven, The Bird’s Nest Olympics Stadium and of course the shopping areas.

I would say, it was nice to be back after 2 years – a lot of things have changed

Countdown to Olympics

revisiting the Great Wall

Temple of Heaven - with Chen

Forbidden City

The Bird's Nest - Olympic Stadium

May 9-12, 2008


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