Posted by: eunice | December 18, 2007

Palawan adventure – no place like home

I have been travelling around the world in the last few years.  Finally, i was able to stop over at my home country – Philippines.  I have been assigned in China for a while but unfortunately I did not have the chance to go to Philippines.  It is a two hour trip from Xiamen to Manila but still…. 

As a project team building exercise we were looking at going to Hainan – south of China.  Incidentally, Miss World was being held in Sanya, Hainan.  We decided to change venue since we know that it will be a challenge to go to this place at this time… We decided to go to Philippines then. I was tasked to select what place in the Philippines can we go to…. 

When I was working in one of the top companies the Philippines, I was lucky enough to go to different sales offices and thus visiting the nice places of the country.  One place that I was not able to visit is Palawan – we do not have sales office here.

This is how it started.  We chose Club Paradise in Coron Palawan because of the nice reviews.  Well, it was really nice, especially for those people who wanted to relax and enjoy the view.   Some of my collegues scuba dive – i tried snorkeling…its not that bad though i had the hard time breathing through the mouth 😦

The travel to the island is an adventure by itself.  From Manila to the small airport of Busuanga (in a 19 seater plane), to the bumpy jeepney ride and finally a breath taking boat ride. Even though it was a challenge to go there it was worth it.  The place is awesome, the people are friendly and food is superb!




with my French and Danish collegues



Palawan, Philippines Dec. 1 – 3, 2007



  1. hey eunice! i’ve been to club paradise 10 yrs ago! ha ha. it’s a beautiful island, no? kamusta na? 🙂

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