Posted by: eunice | May 9, 2007

Viva Espana!

I have been meaning to go to Spain ever since.  Being a Filipino I have been accustomed to some Spanish cultures and even some spanish terms.  I actually thought I can understand the language since most of my native terms are derived from espanol… but I was wrong.  I was assigned in Madrid for a short period and I have no clue what they are saying 🙂  I think its because of the speed…

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the nice cities in Europe.  Madrid is known for its very old historical places and Barcelona is a combination of both old and new.  Food is also something not to be ignored… the famous tapas, the delicious paella and a lot more.  But one thing that I cannot forget is the longggggg siesta.  Siesta is the term to describe a short nap taken in the early afternoon.  I havent seen people sleeping though but I have experienced having a very long lunch.  Another thing to remember when in Spain is not to go to dinner earlier than 9pm because you definitely cannot…



Palacio Real


Plaza Mayor


Enjoying the longggg late lunch with my Danes colleagues


Madrid city



Sagrada Familia – designed by Gaudi – a famous architech of Barcelona


on top of MNAC – Museum of National Art of Catalunya


Casa Mila – one of Gaudi’s awesome architectural design


Barcelona’s beach area


Park Guell – another one of Gaudi’s outstanding design… I actually like his design

Madrid – April 2005, March 2007; Barcelona – April 2007


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