Posted by: eunice | March 14, 2007

Stonehenge and Windsor Castle

The nice thing about being in Europe is you can travel around as if you are just going to another city.  There are a lot of flights available – you just have to be patient looking for affordable one.

I have been in Europe for awhile but this is the longest time I stayed in Denmark – where my job is based.  I told myself that I will travel around as much as possible.  It was timing that my friend from my hometown (used to be officemate) was assigned in UK.  And the best of all – she drives.  The driving was an adventure by itself because UK is driving on the other side of the road (left side drive) and the unique roundabouts.

We went to Stonehenge – “hanging garden”.  Up to now, nobody knows why it was there.  Then we went to Windsor castle – one of the official residence of the royal family.  It was very interesting knowing that they actually live there.  Unfortunately, camera is not allowed inside the State apartment.


Stonehenge – ‘the hanging stone’


very nice weather, clear sky Stonehenge


with Chen – it was so windy! we cannot manage our hair


Windsor Castle



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