Posted by: eunice | February 26, 2007

Budapest…city of Spas

Budapest, Hungary… I didn’t realize how beautiful this city is.  It is famous for its health and thermal spas.  Unfortunately, I was not able to try it… my flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight (by 5 minutes!!).  Instead of spending the whole weekend I was only there for a day.  The whole day was very productive though.  It is enough time for me to be impressed with the city.

Budapest consists of 2 parts – Buda side and the Pest side.  Buda side is the hilly side while Pest side is mainly flat and where the city area is.  I was so amazed with the city specially Fishermen’s Bastion.  It was so nice being up there where you can see the peaceful river Danube and overlooking the Pest side.

2 things that I was not able to do: try the thermal bath and hungarian cuisine… again, there is always a next time… and hopefully with blue and clearer skies next time.


Budapest – Buda and Pest connected by the Chain bridge.  This is a view from Citadel.


Buda side – overlooking the Fisherman Bastion


Pest side – overlooking the Parliament


Fisherman Bastion (this is just part of it)


View from the Fishermen’s Bastion


The Parliament


Heroe’s Square


St. Stephen’s Basilica

Budapest, Hungary – Feb 24-26, 2007


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