Posted by: eunice | October 7, 2006

Singapore.. a fine country

This is one of the famous line that you can see in most souvenir T-shirts in Singapore.  Singapore is really a nice city and country to visit.  But this is not what this line meant – Singapore is home to a lot of rules; rules in which you will pay fine; rules such as 1) you are not allowed to have chewing gum; 2) you will be fine if you did not flush the toilet 3) no eating in the subway, etc etc etc.

My main goal why I went to Singapore is to visit my friend Christine who was pregnant that time. I stayed with her and her husband Manabs for a few days.  I was also able to see another colleague, Mark, who is also working in Singapore.

Small world as we call it – my colleagues from Denmark were also in Singapore in a separate business.  We went for a dinner with another Singaporean friend who we met in New Zealand.



Merlion Park


at suntec, biggest fountain in the world


Raffles hotel – where the famous Singaporean drink sling was invented


Raffles Park




Singapore skyline


with Christine – at the newly opened mall VIVO – across Sentosa


with DK colleagues – Tina and Michael; with Siying (who we met in NZ) and her friends


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