Posted by: eunice | September 10, 2006

Yangshou Adventure


I considered this adventure as one of my nice experiences while in China.  I still remember very vividly how this was planned out… well, there was really no plan. I arrived late in the office that day when one of my colleagues asked if I am in or out? meaning – if I want to join them going to this place that weekend… and that was a Friday.  Me, being always on the go answered “Why not?”.  And that was how it happened, we called our chinese traveler agent and bought the ticket.   I have no idea where we are going; but I would say, it is one of the places in China that I can recommend. 

We went cruising in Li river from Guilin to Yangshou… awesome nature views! We arrived in the area they called “West street” – and as the name stands for, this street is full of Westerners… it is a long street with a lot of shops and bars together in one area – my gosh its perfect! As expected – I bought a lot….  The next day was even more challenging day; we went hiking.  I was with 2 guys; one is a professional hiker…. On the way up, I am already thinking about how I can manage to go down :-(…. Its not that bad though; at least I know now that I can depend on my colleagues on this kind of adventure.






whew! I thought I cannot make it to the top!




with my 2 colleagues – Pierre and Nate

Yangshou – Sept. 10-11, 2006


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