Posted by: eunice | August 8, 2006

Goodbye.. Auckland

This is my last day in Auckland after staying here for almost 2 1/2 months.  This is always the difficult part since I am always been attached to the people.  I feel at home being here in Auckland.  I love my apartment and the nice restaurants around the harbour.  And most of all – the people are very nice.


We’ve been around Auckland center in our last few weekends here.. I had harbour cruise, one tree hill and of course did my last minute shopping in Queen Street. 

We’ve been to most of the restaurants (if not all) in Viaduct Harbour.  Its one of the pre-requisite when looking for a place to stay – nice restaurants.  Viaduct Harbour have surpassed my expectations.  Kermadec (seafood restaurant – with my favourite prawn of course!), Soul (a very NZ cuisine – they have a very nice grilled Hapuka fish), V-grill (awesome steak) and a lot more….

Being able to communicate with other people, watching TV and reading newspapers are few of the nice things I can do during the project while in NZ.. language is not an issue which is huge! – especially my next site is China… But I am ready to move on to the next.. China – here I come 🙂


GN NZ office with collegues


 Wildfire restaurant (Brazilian churascaria) – with GNR collegues


Latitude 37 Apartment – Viaduct Harbour


my apartment – GM East


One Tree Hill


Nice view from the top


– and they said its winter here!!


sheeps in the park!


my first Rugby experience – All black NZ VS Ireland


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