Posted by: eunice | August 1, 2006

Conquering my fears… sky jump at Sky tower

I’ve been afraid of heights all along.. I just dont want to accept it.  I have been to so many towers like CN tower in Toronto, Empire State in NY, Hancock Tower in Chicago and my all time favorite Eiffel tower in Paris.  But one of the most memorable is the Sky tower in Auckland, New Zealand.  This is because I was able to do the Sky Jump. 


Sky tower is  192 meters in height (630 feet) – NZ’s highest jump.

The jump is actually not that bad.  It is the thinking that you are actually jumping from that height.  I almost back out when the girl ask me to let go of the rope.. but I told myself… no! I can do this…  and yes!!! I did it….  This is one of my accomplishments here in NZ and I am very proud of it…


Preparing for the jump.. need to make sure that everything is ok


 Looks relax.. but not within 🙂


 Shocks! I almost forgot to look at the camera


 Awesome view!!!


 From the Observatory view


 Nice to be here…


 Glass Floor.. kinda like CN Tower in toronto


 I can see my apartment from the tower! Apt GM East


Nice dinner in Orbit restaurant with colleague Claus, gf Mette and son Rasmus.. after the jump



  1. I’m proud of you sister. I know you can make it! Congratulation……
    from Kuya boboy ( Antipolo City / Philippines )

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