Posted by: eunice | July 21, 2006

Sydney.. the land down under

One of the nice perks being in this company is allowing you to fly somewhere.  While in New Zealand, I decided to visit Sydney one weekend which I’ve heard so much about.  I was actually a bit dissapointed when they changed the plan of me not doing the Australia project anymore.. but I guess i am better off to be in China…

Sydney opera house

I was able to see my cousin and some colleagues while in Sydney.. its nice! its winter but I am not complaining.  It was raining Saturday but Sunday was awesome.  Its a short trip but its enough for now.. I can always go back…..

with kuya willie

 with my cousin – Kuya Willie


Sydney’s skyline with the Skytower in the middle

Harbour bridge

The Harbour Bridge


Opera house from afar


more tall buildings…

sydney Opera house 

the Amazing Opera house

Opera side view 

side view…




with my Danes colleagues – Lars and Katja


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