Posted by: eunice | May 13, 2006

Switzerland… life with the swiss germans

Switzerland is one of my favourite places.. main reason?  its a chocolate land!!! I have not experience eating a lof of chocolates in my life but here.. its our breakfast, snack and desert.  This is also where I had my first ski experience… terrible experience.. 🙂  Nahh… its fun but painful…

I have been to some places around and its really really nice especially being up there in the alps.. not skiing but still nice to see from above. 

The swiss germans as expected are efficient and very nice. Learned some few words like: Grüezi (hello), En guete (have a nice meal), Tschüss (Good bye), Schoggi (chocolate)

And this is just one of the languages – the other 3 are french, italian and few Romansh.

Feb 6 – May 12, 2005


Zurich from above


the Swiss Alps!


up there in Mt. titlis


feels like heaven.. its amazing!


a sunny winter


my first.. hopefully not the last ski experience


lion rock in lucerne


lucerne bridge


flower clock in geneva


Cafe Schober – famous fancy chocolate and cafe place


dinner with the GNR CH colleagues



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