Posted by: eunice | March 28, 2006

Backpacking in Italy – part 1

Milan and Venice (March 24 – 28, 2006)

Italy needs no further introduction…  I am so confused as to which cities to visit in Italy ‘coz there’s a lot!!!  Since I was in Zurich, Switzerland at that time, I chose a city which is reachable by train.. my first stop was Milan.. Milan is 3 hours by train from Zurich.  After few days in Milan, I jumped off to another train to go to Venice… the very romantic Venice…  I told myself before that I will only go to Venice with a special person to feel the love in Venice… but what the heck! I can always go back and do it again.. I intentionally did not do the gondola ride though… i am saving that for later 🙂

MILAN – the fashion capital of Italy but there’s actually more to that…  I was hoping to see the Last Supper painting by Leonardo but its too famous that you need to book 2 months earlier 😦


Duomo – largest Christian church in the entire world


La Scala


enjoying the park

VENICE – city of canals and palaces… one of my favourite places I have been with (I am still confused between Venice and Paris…


enjoying the gondola ride in Grand Canal – will definitely do this next time!


Grand Canal…


a nice place to celebrate my birthday (its not the exact day but still… i will remember this)


Bridge of Sighs…


enjoying a boat ride along the Grand Canal


Rialto Bridge


one of the bridges… Venice is built in water and a lot of bridges


nice house!!


Piazza San Marco (St. Mark square)


Basilica di San Marco – this is the most beautiful church I think I have seen! Its gold inside…


San Marco church with Dodges palace beside it…


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