Posted by: eunice | November 15, 2005

Brasil – Tudo Bem!



Brasil is one of the nice places in the world to visit.  I was lucky enough to be assigned here for a project.  We were located in the middle of Paulista in Sao Paulo.  While in Brasil, I was able to go to some places like the famous Rio de Janeiro, twice! First time was with my Danes colleagues and the second time was with my college friend Jean from the US. It is surely a paradise.

Another place I visited was Foz do Iguazu.  It is one of the largest waterfalls in the world.  The falls is located in both Brasil and Argentina territory.  Unfortunately, I do not have the right visa to go to Argentina… but hopefully I can go back.


View from Corcovado

at Corcovado with my DK colleagues – Brian and Rasmus


at Copacobana with Jean


Foz do Iguazu Falls – Brasilian view


the Falls – larger than live!


with my Brasil project team

Brasil – July 3 to Nov 11, 2005


  1. Ahemm.. Ahemm.. that is all I can say…

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